KWC. The new name of Franke Water Systems

There is no future without a past: Together into a new era

KWC and Franke Water Systems are taking a new direction.

To do this, we are blowing away the cobwebs and taking a breath of fresh air. After all, we will face important issues. It is a time of disruption and our sector faces a range of challenges.

How will we live in the future? What does this mean for our company and our products? We are asking ourselves these questions and changing our focus. There are a number of important areas. For example, what are our current requirements for diligence and safety? Sustainability and hygiene are also hugely important. Part of our job is to create smart sanitary solutions and to develop KWC's "Shower Culture". Our expertise lies in stainless steel and electronics. Moreover, we place high demands on ourselves, with the intention of delivering high-tech solutions with heart and mind. It is our objective to always be one step ahead.

We are positioned to achieve this. As a traditional company, we now impress customers as an independent group with a wide range of expertise and a broad client base. We are a safe pair of hands. We employ 1,000 people all around the world who are not only experts, but also inventors with a sense of tradition. We have made our mark with products like the pull-out spray and the swan neck mixer created by our experienced specialists.

This experience is our most prized possession. We combine the skills we have acquired from 150 years of manufacturing with innovative expertise. The old foundry from 1880 at our company headquarters in Unterkulm, Switzerland, is emblematic of our commitment to our roots. The inclusion of an 11-metre high washbasin mixer in front of the entrance to our new company premises in 2020 is a perfect addition. We combine traditions with a forward-thinking approach. It is this fusion that gives us such a unique position and it is also what we demand of ourselves. We face new challenges. And you can count on us to deliver.

Frank Schnatz

The purest combination of expertise

KWC and Franke Water Systems become one: KWC.
Working together, we not only offer solutions for private spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms, but also for public spaces. The requirements of this sector are also constantly increasing but we have the answers.

  • Stainless steel is undoubtedly one of our key areas of expertise. 
  • We produce sustainable and long-lasting products that are 100% recyclable. 
  • Combined with outstanding design and smart electronics, we take water management to the next level. 
  • We are also incorporating digitalisation, and not just in the form of touch-free taps and controlling the consumption of resources. This is an area that we take seriously and it goes hand in hand with KWC and Franke Water Systems. We complement each other with our technological expertise and are innovative with our ideas. 
  • Our products just as much encapsulate diligence and safety in private areas as they do the particular challenges of water systems in public spaces. 
  • And this is precisely where our advantage lies – we use our expertise of professional spaces to enhance private spaces. We are experts with a passion.

Questions & Answers

When and why will the brand change?

When the Franke Water Systems division became independent on 1st May 2021, the brand name Franke was merely "loaned" to us until we became fully contractually independent (end of 2023). This means that we can use the Franke brand until the end of April 2023. After this, our right to use the brand name expires.

We would like to present our conversion to the KWC brand loudly and proudly at the ISH 2023 trade fair.

What does KWC – the new name for Franke Water Systems – mean?

KWC is, after Franke, the most well known brand name within the Franke Water Systems division. For this reason, we decided to bring this brand name into the spotlight and operate the entire division under the KWC Group AG name. This change of operating name was implemented at the beginning of March 2022.

What is KWC's new strategy?

The new KWC is on a course towards worldwide growth. As a company, we offer complete solutions for the Commercial Washrooms sector and aim to continue impressing our customers in the future.

What skills does the new KWC have up its sleeve?

The "new" KWC combines all the expertise of its individual companies across all locations. The KWC brand is synonymous with health protection, sustainability, safety and dedication. KWC takes care of all the needs of its target groups in today's world. This is made possible by all the skills and expertise available to KWC, whether in stainless steel production, electronics, design, development or innovation, across six production sites in Unterkulm, Ludwigsfelde, Ras Al Khaimah, United Kingdom, Finland and China.

Will anything change for me as a customer?

All contractual frameworks, condition systems, quotations and prices will remain valid.

Will my previous contact remain the same?

Our current available locations will remain available to you, as will the consultants and contacts you already know.

Will there be any changes to employment?

The best guarantee of job security is the company's success. In the past, our business has performed very successfully in the market and we have every intention of continuing this trend. As the new KWC, we have ambitious goals; to achieve them, we continue to need motivated, dedicated employees. We also have some job openings.

Tried and tested, innovative product and system solutions under the same roof